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Attendee Registration

An Affordable, Streamlined, and Integrated Registration System for all of Your events

X-CD’s registration module is fully integrated with the rest of your AMS-CMS meaning your users only need one profile to pay their dues, register for events, submit proposals, review, claim CE credits and more. It also gives you as an administrator the power and insight to manage all aspects of your association or conference from one centralized backend system. No more need to manage submissions in one place, and registrations and membership in another. 

X-CD will integrate your registration system with your payment processor. When someone pays online and checks out, payment will be deposited directly to the account of your choice. See a list of our preferred payment gateways.

Further Options for your Organization/Association

  • Standard Features

    Links to your payment processor so all funds go directly into your bank account

    X-CD does not touch any money or have access to any attendee credit card information (PCI compliant)

    Customizable registration pages and fields – unlimited number or questions

    Payment via credit card, check, purchase order, international wire transfer

    Various pricing for members, students, early bird rates etc. 

    Offer discount codes and refunds 

    Full financial budgeting and overview tools

    Unlimited quick custom data reporting for admins through backend tools

    Unlimited number of system administrators

  • Add-On Features

    Dual language registration forms

    Dual currency collection

    Group Registration

    Exhibitor Registration