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Clients and Testimonials

Associations & Societies

We work with small and large, regional and international associations and societies who look to improve not only their event management, but their day-to-day efficiency. The X-CD system was built to manage your membership database in tandem with your annual, or multiple events or conferences. Collect annual dues, keep historical payment records, give your members a private and secure portal for all their membership information including conference information and member pricing. Keep your association management system and conference management systems in sync under one roof.

Medical & Healthcare

Our software platform has been developed by co-operative teamwork with our clients over the last 20 years. Our extensive work in the medical events industry has shaped our platform into the robust and well-rounded system it is today. We understand that many conferences and organizations have unique needs and requirements in a management system, and we are committed to providing our clients with all the best tools to plan and execute world class events with ease. If our system doesn’t come with the features you need right out of the box, our in house developers are always open to customizing a system for you.

Academic & Universities

Our system provides academic conferences and university event planners with a breadth of tools to manage the most complicated and scholarly conferences. With our multi-event management systems, universities and conference planners can easily manage tens, or even hundreds of events under one central database.


Scientific conference planners choose our system year-after-year in part because of our industry leading peer review module. Any highly technical conference requires a submission management system which allows their panel of experts to easily review, score and assign final statuses to their submissions. Let us show you how our review module could save your committee tens or possibly hundreds of hours.


X-CD Technologies actually began in the software world producing and distributing conference proceedings CD-ROM’s (where the X-CD comes from). With over 1.5 decades of working with the worlds leading engineering conferences, we know exactly what is required in producing the highest quality conference proceedings. Like all of our modules, the more you are able to integrate under one system roof, the more time saving and efficiency your organization can experience.

Trade Shows & Expos

Though our speaker management (submission, review & program) modules are a key aspect to our rounded event management platform, many of our modules satisfy planners in the trade show & expo industry as well. Our exhibitor & sponsorship registration system, in tandem with website development, on-site module, badge printing, and lead retrieval app can help take your trade show organization to a new level.