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Conference Evaluations & Surveys

Give Your Conference Attendees a Voice

  • Easy to Complete Online Conference Evaluations

    Send us your evaluation form or survey and we will create it online for you

    Have your attendees easily complete their general conference or session evaluations

    Accessed by registrant either online or through mobile app

    No login required for survey to be completed and returned

    A field for a user to enter their name can be added

    General survey can be emailed to all attendees with link or provided through app

  • No Printing of Paper Surveys

    Pen and paper evaluations are inefficient and environmentally unfriendly, make it easier for your attendees and for yourself by automating the process completely.

    No distribution to rooms and collecting paper surveys

  • Real Results

    The system will tabulate all your results, and generate automatic visual bar charts and graphical data for you to use

    No tabulating results

    Survey results are available in real time

    Graphic charts can be printed in PDF format

    Standard  module pricing is based on a single evaluation form with up to 20 questions (more can be added)

  • CE Credits

    Let your Attendees earn CE credits via our CE module. Evaluations, credit types, certificates – everything is fully customizale and easy to use!