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COVID 19 Conferencing Options

We find ourselves in unprecedented and turbulent times. We at X-CD want to do everything we can to help our clients in these tough times. Cancelling your in person conference may be a necessity, but there may be ways to provide great value to your attendees and members virtually.

Digital Presentations

  • Enhance & Market Your Public Program

    Collect and share your speaker data (abstracts, handouts, presentation files). Share this content with your attendees publicly or privately in your online program.

  • Put Your Videos Online

    If you already have plans to record speaker presentation and share the video files, we can help embed them into your online program (or mobile app) to be shared publicly, or privately (registered attendees/members).

  • X-CD Remote Recording

    If you don’t have any plans for presentation and speaker content capture, X-CD has a new solution for easy remote (at home) recording performed by the speaker at their leisure which can be live streamed if desired.

Video in Program

All speaker content can be easily protected to attendees or members based on your discretion.

Please contact today to discuss virtual conferencing options.