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Electronic Poster Management

Speaker data collection doesn’t stop with abstracts and papers

That’s why we encourage our clients to collect everything they need from presenters, including E-Posters.

With our integrated E-Poster module your submitters can upload their digital posters through the same submission system they used to submit their abstract, and once they are scheduled in your program, your E-Poster system is ready to go!

No imports, no new systems for presenters to have to upload into just seamless data flow, and a beautiful digital poster library to browse

Digital E-Poster

E-poster overview
  • Collect

    Email all presenters accepted for oral (based on their abstract review status), and ask them to submit their digital posters in the same place they submitted their original abstract.

  • Organize

    Using the integrated program scheduling module, schedule your educational sessions, including your poster sessions. Once your posters are scheduled into sessions, you are ready to share.

  • Display

    Share your digital, searchable e-poster library and embed it into your mobile app so attendees can easily browse through digital posters before the conference and on-site.

  • Present

    Our digital e-poster system in conjunction with the program module schedules posters by session, day, time, room and order. Activate the presentation mode, and presenters can present their poster on digital displays on site in a live digital poster session.