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Exhibitor Registration Module

This module allows allow the Client’s system administrator(s) to do the following:

  • Upload Custom logo and background                          
  • The exhibitor registration module allows exhibitors to register over a multiscreen registration process.
  • The process begins with the exhibitor creating a company profile and contact profile.
  • Exhibitor registration to include an interactive floorplan to allow exhibitors to select and purchase booths 
  • The exhibitor is then stepped through the registration process by screen to the eventual check out and payment screen
  • Payment may be collected via credit card, check, PO or a pay later option.
  • The exhibitor may print an invoice/statement at any time before or after checking out
  • Specific features include:
    • Multiple registration rates with early bird, late and on-site rates posted.
    • Sponsorship fields and advertising fields easily added with the form field editor
    • Registration discounts available by registration field.
    • Registration allows fields to be required based on selection of prior fields in the registration process.
    • Exhibitor can return anytime to add amend registration

      Standard Options*:

  • Exhibitor-staff can register with the additional purchase of X-CD Attendee Registration Module
  • Staff discounts can be assigned based on booth size selection
  • Interactive exhibitor floor plan can be added
  • Exhibitor logo and profile can display on public floor plan when cursor hovers over booth

      Payment Features:     

  • PCI Compliant              
  • Secure payment process through https site        
  • Secure credit card incoming payment integration through standard payment processor (see list
  • Integration with non-standard payment processors*
  • Funds directed to Client bank account
  • Standard payment in single currency

      Administration – Communication and Reporting:   

  • Unlimited administrative logins & passwords
  • Administrative site includes overview of registrations with counts and revenue of complete exhibitors, incomplete and pending (paid by PO or check). Overview also includes detailed counts and associated revenue of all financial fields.
  • Administration may view and search for exhibitors by organization.
  • Administrator may Add, Cancel, delete or modify registrations. All changes are tracked in the system. Administrator may add payments for an exhibitor and view all transaction history for that attendee.  
  • Open and close the registration site to the public as well as instructions to the starting screen and separate instructions for when you close the site
  • Site allows you to build the registration screens – define screen names, define order of screens and add fields to each screen.
  • Admin may add various field types to each screen and order the display of those fields on the screen.
  • Various field types may be added (text boxes, textarea boxes, radio buttons, check boxes, dropdowns and file uploads)
  • Fields may be defined as financial or not. Financial fields (radios, dropdowns, check boxes) allow you to define up to 3 values for a particular selection.
  • Administrator may customize the payment screens, payment methods, invoice header and footer, message on successful payment screen and cancellation policy
  • Administrator may setup discounts in the system. Discounts may be assigned per registration field as a percent or fixed amount. System also allows a Golden discount which provides a completely free registration. Administrator may also define the number of discounts available. There is no limit to the number of discounts you may create in the system.
  • Administrative site includes and download/Email module which allows the Administrator to download registration reports and financial data. Reports allow the Administrator to filter reports based on certain field values. Filtered results may then be either downloaded to Excel or used to send an email out to those selected attendees.
  • The Email module allows the Administrator to create customized emails using “Hot Keys” to pull in attendee names and emails into the email. Administrator may preview emails prior to sending. Administrator may also view and copy prior emails. Email system allows the Administrator to schedule emails at a future date or send now.  

*= Added Price Feature