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Exhibitor Registration

Allow Exhibitors and Sponsors to Pay for Sponsorship and Select their Booths Online

Exhibitors can create company profiles, select sponsorship options, booths, add staff and pay online. Exhibitors can add automatic discounts associated with their purchased against the staff they add to their booth. The interactive floor plan allows exhibitors to choose the right booth for them, and see the other companies that have registered in real time.

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Additional Information

  • Standard Features

    Custom exhibitor shopping cart system for booth selection, sponsorship, advertising etc.

    Customizable registration pages and fields – unlimited number or questions

    Invoice companies and have them log in and pay 

    Payment confirmation automatically sends to companies after receipt of payment 

    Links to your payment processor so all funds go directly into your bank account

    X-CD does not touch any money or have access to any attendee credit card information (PCI compliant)

    Allow X number of free tickets with purchase of exhibitor package if needed

    Payment via credit card, check, purchase order or wire transfer

  • Add-On Features

    Exhibitor staff registration

    Real time interactive exhibitor booth selection with floor plan with public front end web display