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Continuing Education

Powerful Automation

  • Automatic certificates and transcripts

    Generated for each delegate that claims credits

    Allow your delegates to access past historical certificates and transcripts at any time

  • Manage and distribute multiple certificate and credit types

    Require authentication/verification of attendance in order to claim credits in a variety of different methods.

    Assign various credit types to individual sessions (some sessions may not have any credits associated with them).

    Allow attendees to claim X number of credits per session, or automatically assign a set value of credits per session

  • Assign specific credits to specific accredited sessions

    Allow your delegates to claim their CE’s by attending and evaluating the sessions they attend

Standard Features

  • Crediting system is accessed by registrant either online or through mobile app

  • Registrant selects session from session list, selects number of credits to claim, and evaluates session

  • Sum credits are displayed in auto-emailed PDF certificate generated by registrant

  • Customizable Evaluation Forms – Form repeats for each session

  • Data is summarized for each session in bar and frequency charts