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Online Conference

Pre-Recorded Presentations

  • Record Your Presentation

    Speaker Logs into their speaker/abstract portal, clicks the record presentation button tied to their original abstract submission and records their presentation from their browser (no passwords, accounts or downloads)

  • Review Your Recording

    After recording, speaker can preview and watch the video, and re-record until they are satisfied.

  • Upload and Save

    After uploading, video is automatically saved to speakers computer for their record or future use.

  • Automatic Sharing

    Video file is automatically tied to submission and will display in your program & mobile app when you decide to launch the virtual event.

  • Go Beyond

    Collect additional files/content from your speakers i.e papers, handouts, disclosures, consent forms and more.

Live Stream & Webinars

  • Flexible Options to Host Your Webinar

    Embed live sessions (keynotes, plenaries, workshops and more) into your program, host live streamed sessions in a bigger overall conference program, run a webinar as a standalone solution or recurring series. Restrict your webinar URL to ensure only your attendees can view it.

  • Dynamic, Automatic Webinar Microsite

    Webinar microsite is dynamically created by pulling in session descriptions, speaker/panelist information, evaluations and continuing education credits. Embed a live audience Q&A tool to further your users’ participation.

  • Powerful Integration

    Combine pre-recorded presentations with live streaming sessions to create a pre-recorded/live hybrid event.


Similar to oral video presentations, poster presenters can upload their digital ePosters through the speaker/abstract module.

  • Digital ePosters are automatically tied to the original abstract record

  • Once scheduled, the ePoster will display in your online program and in a digital poster gallery organized automatically by topic, ID, title, speaker and organization.

  • ePosters can be presented using our virtual recording system for short video presentations of ePosters using pan and zoom technology to clearly present the poster.

  • Discussion boards are embedded for Q&A and ongoing discussions

Virtual Networking

Virtual Networking Rooms

  • Virtual video chats with other attendees

    Join anytime or at a scheduled time

  • Create customized rooms that suit your needs

    Coffee break or cocktail lounge, by topic, theme or attendee location

Virtual Education rooms

  • Join specific session rooms

    Discuss the session as a whole

  • Join presentation specific rooms

    Talk with presenters face-to-face about their talks during “office hours”

Virtual Exhibitor Booth Rooms

  • Attendees can join exhibitors embedded virtual “booths”

  • Exhibitors can invite attendees to their both to meet face-to-face

As with the last virtual meeting, this meeting was excellent. In some ways I enjoy this format more than a traditional live meeting. I have the ability to pause and review the presentation, take breaks when desired and not have to travel to and from the meeting,

It saves me 3-4 hours of commuting time and I get to enjoy the entire meeting. It would be great to continue the Virtual Format for CME credit once the live meetings resume.

Great! Really enjoyed being able to access this on my own time and replay surgical videos

Virtual Exhibit Hall

  • Showcase sponsors and exhibitors in a virtual exhibit hall

    Highlight keynote speakers, collect company and product information from exhibitors to showcase their products and provide product and service video links in the virtual exhibit hall

  • Virtual Booths for Better Connections

    Live virtual exhibit hall hours where exhibitors are in their personal eBooths ready to chat with prospects via private face-to-face meetings. Attendees can share information (lead retrieval) when entering a virtual booth.

  • Give More to Your Exhibitors

    Exhibitors can define freebies for attendees (digital gift cards) and allow for special promotions (digital gift cards are only given to the first 50 attendees to chat in their eBooths and share lead retrival information). Analytics and lead reports from the virtual exhibit hall can be posted for exhibitors to view.

Registration and Access Control

Control access to sensitive restricted educational content to registered attendees or members only.

  • As you are planning and collecting presentations, simultaneously run your virtual attendee registration site

  • Control access to your program based on attendee or membership statuses

  • Restrict specific content in your program (videos, handouts, webinars, streams) to attendees only while still highlighting and showcasing the overall virtual conference

  • Require logins and registration access to engage in discussion boards, session evaluations and claiming of educational credits

Sponsorship and Advertising

Delight your sponsors and exhibitors with great visibility through various advertising outlets throughout your virtual conference

  • Fixed and rotating banner ads throughout virtual microsite

  • Sell ad space for specific sessions, tracks, presentations, webinars and on static event pages

  • Minimercial videos – enable mandatory sponsors ads for your attendees before they start a session or presentation, and define how long and how often they need to watch them

  • Virtual conference advertising options will carry through with conference mobile app

  • Mobile App Push notifications

  • Showcased sponsors in virtual exhibit hall

Conference Mobile App

  • Your Conference in an App

    All Your Virtual Conference Data can be Viewed Online and in a Synchronized Mobile App

  • Access From Wherever You Are

    Mobile app allows on-the-go access to virtual content with registration authentication required

  • Exhibitor and Sponsor Opportunities

    Push notifications and mobile app sponsorship opportunities and exhibitor and sponsor lists

  • Attendee Tools

    1-1 attendee chat, and in-app session evaluations and credit claiming

  • Handle Multiple Events

    Multi-event capability for hosting recurring events or webinar series