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Lead Retrieval

Give your exhibitors what they want most… quality leads!

Forget expensive rental machines, scanners and badging systems. Use our registration system, print badges with valuable attendee information within quick easy to scan barcodes or QR codes. Have your exhibitors download our free LeadR mobile app and sell them unique exhibitor codes for them to access your registrants barcode data. Your exhibitors have the power to scan anyones badges that come to their booths right from their smartphones or tablets equipped with the LeadR mobile app. Impress your exhibitors with your own Lead Retrieval app, and make extra revenue for your conference.

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Standard Features

  • Exhibitors download lead retrieval app for free from the Apple Store or Google Play Store

  • Exhibitors purchase unique product keys from conference to activate their lead retieval app

  • Exhibitors scan attendee badges and collect contact information

  • Exhibitors can store notes in app

  • Exhibitors download all data at end of event

  • Attendee badge must have a QR code compatible with the LeadR App

  • X-CD will provide a bar code printing details to Clients registration company (if not using X-CD registration system)

  • QR codes must be in accordance with barcode parameters