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Abstract & Speaker

Start your data collection the right way. Collect, review, schedule and display your abstracts through one seamless product.

Whether you collect 50, 500, or 5,000 speaker submissions, we have the right tools for you.

Create a customized abstract/paper/proposal submission form, collect all speaker data along the submission life cycle. Initial submissions, speaker disclosures, papers, powerpoints and anything else you collect from your speakers.

Collect Multiple Submission Types and Enjoy Custom Submission Forms

Collect multiple submission types simultaneously like: abstracts, workshops, sessions, panels, roundtables, symposia etc. Each submission form can be unique and can have its own individual review form and processes. Each submission type can then be scheduled into one cohesive online program.

Two Tiered/Parent-Child Submissions i.e panels, workshops, sessions, roundtables

Our parent-child submission module allows one person to submit a parent submission which is open for any number of “child” submissions to submitted within the “parent”. The primary contact of the parent submission can view and manage the children that are submitted within their parent submission.