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Printed Program Output

Most academic conferences
publish their program information.

Formatting your speaker, abstract, author, and program data can be a time  consuming ordeal and take many hours of mail merging, exporting, and manual  formatting. We can help! X-CD can take your submission, speaker, chair, co-author,  and program information, create a custom output, and provide it to you for  publishing your necessary publication

Take Control of Your Output

  • Your Specifications

    X-CD takes data collected from your system (submission & program) and  creates a custom script to format & output the data to your specifications

    Text size, font, bolding, italics, subscripts, superscripts etc. can all be formatted

  • View Online or in Print

    X-CD provides client with a live url link to view the output

    Output can be easily saved to word, and provided to publisher/printer for final edits

  • Automatic Updates

    Output is tied to database, so any submission, speaker, or program changes are reflected in the output automatically