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Mobile App Session Barcodes

We’ve added a new barcode feature that will automatically generate barcodes that when scanned, will link directly to a session or an individual submission (abstract/poster) on your online program, or conference mobile app.

Print or distribute the session QR codes before, during or after your conference to direct attendees to view the session or direct abstract without any searching or scrolling through large academic programs. 

Front end submitter view of auto-generated barcode for speaker to share.

Use cases:

  • A students abstract is accepted into a poster session at a conference. The student can share (email, tweet, post) their submission barcode to their peers to view their accepted abstract or poster within the conference program or mobile app
  • Session signage boards are printed outside of session rooms for delegates to scan session barcodes to read detailed information on session and presentations coming up in the rooms. 

Even if you don’t use X-CD’s mobile app – the program barcodes will create session and abstract codes that will link directly to your online program.

Session view in online program