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Track Chair Module Description

This module allows allow the Client’s system administrator(s) to do the following:


Tracks are defined by the topics that are setup within the abstract submission site (ie. the field that is defined as the Track field on the submission form). The Track Chair Module allows you to assign chairs to each Track or Topic from your submission module. If you have multiple submission modules, you have the ability to assign chairs for each of those tracks within each submission module. There are by default 2 levels of Track chair in the system, a Chair and Lead Chair. You may control the level of access for each chair type within your submission module.

Below are the follow functions which may be enabled or disabled within the chair module:

In the event, the conference is using the Conference Program module, the track chair may be given the authority to create and manage sessions within their track and assign submissions to those sessions. Chair may also assign sessions to predefined date/time blocks. These time blocks are created and assigned to Tracks the Admin site.