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Virtual Conferencing

There’s nothing quite like an in person meeting, sometimes however, a virtual option might also make sense. Whether for a monthly grand round, a half day seminar or panel, or even a multiple day technical research conference, there’s an option for you.

Virtual Conferencing

  • Speakers

    Collect your speaker data (abstracts, disclosures, handouts, PPTs)

  • Attendees

    Collect attendee registration fees for the overall event or on a session/presentation basis

  • Agenda & Sessions

    Build program/agenda (days, times, session descriptions, CE credits, evaluations etc.

  • Video Streaming

    Send speakers webinar presentation links at their assigned presentation times

  • Virtual Attendance

    Have attendees log into online program or mobile app to view live presentations (speaker video, audio, and PPT slides)

Mobile App Video Conferencing

  • Embed live and pre-recorded presentations on restricted sessions in your online program

  • The ability to access the presentations will be limited only to those people who purchased a conference pass, or access to the specific sessions.

  • After the above criteria are met, have virtual attendees complete online session/speaker evaluations or self assessment tests to earn their continuing education credits.

  • Whether it’s a 20 person invited workshop, or a 2,000 person digital keynote we can help. Get in touch today to chat about virtual conferencing options.