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Virtual Presentation Guide

General Tips

  • Use Google Chrome to record your presentation. Using Google Chrome will allow you to STOP the presentation using their floating screen display control
  • Make sure that you give the webpage access to your microphone (and camera if you want to record your face). You will not be able to record your presentation if you do not give the browser access to your microphone. Grant Access
  • It is a good idea to run a quick 30-60 second test recording to familiarize yourself with the recording platform. You can easily delete and re-record after recording the test
  • Close unnecessary tabs and open applications which can slow down your computer, and drain resources. This can affect the quality of your video recording.
  • Remove anything that is hovering over your shared application screen
  • Refrain from excessive mouse movements, clicking, and typing if not necessary

Getting Started

  • Log in to your conference speaker portal
  • Find your abstract/presentation and click the Record Presentation button
  • A new window will appear and have a small guide for you to follow

Prepare your Presentation

  • Turn your microphone on
    • Speak out loud, and ensure that the microphone icon switches to a moving audio GIF to confirm microphone is on and detected
  • Turn camera on (optional)
    • Make sure your face is well lit, and you are in a quiet environment
    • Make sure you are centered in your video screen and that you are in a comfortable position
    • Avoid bright lights and windows behind you
  • Share screen or application window
  • When you are ready, click “Record”
  • There will be a 15 second delay, and audio cues to prompt you before the recording begins


  • You will not see your video during your presentation, but it will be recording behind the scenes.
  • When you are finished presenting, return to the recording platform tab and click the red STOP button
  • If you are using Google Chrome, you can also stop the recording by clicking the floating “Stop Sharing” button next to is sharing your screen.


  • Your video will appear for you to preview.
  • If you are happy with the video, click the green checkmark “Save & Upload”
  • If you are NOT happy with it, you can click the red X to “Discard and re-record” and repeat steps above

Record button in submission
Video in Program